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4 Training games to make training fun

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Digital training journal to record your dogs progress and celebrate achievements

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The Targeting course teaches your dog to target an object for a food reward.

Once your dog understands the concept of target training for a food reward, this course will teach you to teach your dog to transfer their basic obedience skills to a fun targeting-based course and, even, to fun games and skills around the house like closing doors, ringing a bell to go outside, or pushing buttons to communicate their desires (like “Time to Play!) I would suggest at least going through our Basic Obedience Course to get the foundation to build on. You may also want to consider joining our community where you get access to all of our training courses and private community to ask questions and virtual group classes.

Targeting is a great technique to use to train and help stimulate your dogs mind and have fun while training. There are so many games you can play and so many activities you can do with your dog. This techniques makes your training more solid and helps your dog be more involved in the training and not so one-sided as some training can be. Train your dog like a service dog or just simply have fun.


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